How to Hide Messages on Android (with Pictures)

Ever since its creation, “The World Wide Web” has completely revolutionized and changed the way we used to carry out many, if not all common everyday task. Tasks such as shopping, banking, the way we get our news, the way we communicate… everything is now done online but now everything is about to change once again and it is important for you to understand what this change means and how you can profit largely from it. how to find hidden text messages on phone

Just look around you sometimes, everybody has a mobile phone these days. Even in poor countries, you would see plenty of people using them. Here at home, teens as young as 10 are given a portable phone to keep in touch with their parents, in case of an emergency.

Through the mobile phone, SMS, a synonym for “Short Messaging Service” but widely known simply as “Text Message”, have become extremely popular and a viable alternative to making a phone call.

In 2009, a U.S organization research found that the nation 270 millions mobile phone subscribers, EACH sent out an average of 407 text messages in 2008 ALONE!. Now, that was in 2008 so one can only imagine how big it has grown since then

The same research also found that in 2008, the average teens sent out an average of 2,000 Text Messages per month and the popularity of the service was due to its simplicity as well as the privacy of being able to communicate without being overheard. The final conclusion of the research directors were that the use of “Text Messages” will only GROW!!!!

Here’s some facts that you need to know so you can understand the magnitude of what’s coming:

1) Over 5 billion mobile phones world-wide.

2) Over 100 millions are “FREQUENT” text users.

3) over 93% of all text messages are OPENED.

4) over 80% of all texts are opened within 1 hour,

5) over 2.5 trillion text messages were sent last year(2011).

6) over 100,000 text messages are sent every second.

Any major company reading these 6 facts above would do their best to get their product’s promotion turned into a text message if they are serious about reaching as many people as possible.

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