Tattoo Designs – Zodiac Signs

Tattoos are a type of skin art wherein the canvas is the human body. The designs have to be well thought out, because most tattoos are permanently imbedded into the epidermis. Tattoo designs are usually those that convey a statement about the person getting the tattoo. Sometimes the design could be as obvious as a word or phrase, a name or a favorite saying. Sometimes it could be an image of something that symbolizes the character of a person, like a dragon or a butterfly or fish. A good design is one that is taken from the zodiac. preethi zodiac mg 218

Gemini zodiac tattoos impart the characteristics of a person, as listed in a zodiac. But what exactly is the zodiac? In the field of astrology, it pertains to specific traits of a person according to the position of the stars when a person is born. Therefore, there are specific zodiac signs for specific days and months of the year. There are actually twelve in all. Each one has a particular meaning, and a particular trait to go with it. Some astrologers even claim to predict a person’s future just by knowing what zodiac sign he or she falls under, and they are called horoscopes. Not only that, some people actually believe that one particular zodiac personality type would be better paired against another particular zodiac personality type. Zodiac designs are very popular designs. They are not only found in tattoos but also in mugs, shirts, and other merchandise. Newspapers carry daily horoscopes with short predictions in them.

The twelve zodiac signs are the Aquarius, the Capricorn, the Sagittarius, the Cancer, the Aries, the Leo, the Scorpio, the Pisces, the Libra, the Virgo, the Taurus, and the Gemini. Gemini zodiac tattoos carry an image of twins. This has roots in the story of the twins Castor and Pollux, which is found in Greek mythology. The sign is said to mean that the person who was born during such an alignment of the stars would have these characteristics:

• Dual personality types
• Quicksilver mood swings
• Great communicators
• Versatile
• Intelligent

It would be safe to assume, therefore, that a person sporting one of these Gemini zodiac tattoos in his or her body would also carry some of the characteristics mentioned here. Such is the nature of the tattoo. It can communicate things about the wearer in one glance. This type of body art is used as a powerful tool to communicate individuality and style.


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